Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Have you ever just had some crazy thoughts that you are like — why is my brain going to this right now?!

I am going to the beach on Saturday & my brain is already wanting to say “This week doesn’t matter. You are going on vacation next week & are going to gain anyway. Why even try?” WHOA, BRO! Like how is that going to help me in any way. I will tell you what my brain wants– this is going to be a vacation that does not revolve around food. My brain doesn’t know what to do with that, so it wants to rebel. It wants to go to what it easy, what is familiar.

In the past, vacations have been where I just let all food “rules” go out the window & eat whatever. I will say, over the last several years, I have created some new protocols for my vacations. I made a rule for myself that I will eat 2 healthier meals each day & one splurge meal. In addition to that though, I did a lot of snacking & probably a lot of drinking.

I am changing that up for this vacation & all future vacations, I will not be bringing any snacks with me to the actual beach or pool. If I want to eat a meal, I have to go back to the house or to a restaurant. That is uncharted territory for me & my brain does not like it. The whole reason I am not bringing snacks with me to the actual beach is because I don’t want to have to control my thoughts around it. I just don’t want the temptation. Make sense?

So what am I doing this week to deal with all this stinkin’ thinkin’??

  • Journaling

I was resistant to journaling, but dang. Y’all! It is so helpful to just get all your thoughts out on paper. When I journal consistently, I am in such a better space mentally. There is no magic to how I journal. I just got a cute notebook and I write whatever I’m thinking/whatever is going on in my life. I can tell you when I don’t journal, I tend to go off plan more. I give myself every justification. So moral of the story = JOURNAL! It’s good for your health.

  • Meal Prep

The best thing I did was meal prep in advance. I have all my meals prepped in the fridge & for the days when I will be eating out, I have that planned. I have set myself up for a great week in the food department. No decisions to be made.

  • Deal with the Thoughts

One amazing ah-ha for me about all these thoughts is they are just that, THOUGHTS! You have the ability to change them, as well as, just deal with them. Like I said, my brain knows something is up & I am about to do something new. It doesn’t like that, so it is going to do all it can to try to keep it easy. Sorry, brain — we are doing the dang thing! I know that I am on the verge of a breakthrough & I will keep pushing forward.

I hope y’all know that we all have thoughts like this occasionally (or more than occasionally). The best thing to do is know that it is NORMAL. You aren’t broken. You are actually totally normal. Get out some paper & get those yucky thoughts out of your brain. I think journaling also really helps you see how silly some of your BS thoughts are.

What are some ways that you have to deal with your stinkin’ thinkin’?? I would love to hear!

See y’all later!






I’m so BUSY!

“I’m so busy!” Is it just me or does anyone else cringe a little when people say this? It’s 2018, we all have a lot of commitments. I often get volunteered to do things because I am not married and don’t have children. I do, however, have a life. Imagine that!

I listened to a podcast last winter on busyness. It totally changed the way I think about. If you’ve been around awhile, you will know that I am alllll about your thoughts. Your thoughts control your feelings & busy is just a feeling. We think we are so busy because we have a lot of thoughts floating around in our heads about what we actually need to get done.

busy person design

How can we deal with all those thoughts floating around in our heads?

  1. Journal — do a brain dump every day
  2. Make a daily to-do list — I do this every day after I journal
  3. Take the word BUSY out of your vocabulary — we are all busy

I have taken the word “busy” out of my vocabulary. I now say that I have a lot of commitments or a lot going on. Our society glorifies being busy. It’s like some competition — who can be the busiest? Who can have the most going on? I am so over that. Honestly, I like to rest. I like my sleep. I don’t know about you, but I am a better person, friend, employee when I am rested.

A lot of people use “busyness” as a reason they can’t lose weight. Y’all! Come on!

You are too busy to make a food plan, too busy to meal prep, too busy to exercise — just another excuse.

It literally takes me maybe 90 seconds to make my plan of what I’m going to eat that day. If you don’t have 90 seconds to grab a scrap of paper & write down your plan, you are kidding yourself.

Meal prep? Sure, that can take a little longer. On average, I spend maybe 2 hours a week on meal prep. I like to do it all in one day, so it’s done. I meal prep once on the weekend & then I don’t have to cook again all week. That sure frees up a lot of my time.

Exercise– but it takes too long! You literally do not have to drive to a gym or a fitness studio & spend hours there. A 10 minute walk can do amazing things for you, both mentally & physically. You can sit right in your living room or your office & do some stretches for 10 minutes. You don’t have to go hard in the gym everyday to change your body. Meet yourself where you are! That is the best way to be successful when it comes to anything.


Can we all make a pact to remove the word BUSY from our vocabulary??

What tips can you give me on how to avoid feeling overwhelmed because of your thoughts?

See y’all later!


Life Lately

Y’all will be happy to know that ya girl finally got a new computer. *insert praise hands*

I was graciously gifted a computer by my parents in April of 2011 & that bad boy served me very well, but it was time for an upgrade. I didn’t even know a windows computer could last that long, but this one did…


Look at me — I am a big girl now 😉 feeling like a grownup with my new MacBook. Let me tell you, it was not easy dropping so much money on one piece of technology. However, if this one lasts as long as my last computer — I will be a happy girl & will have gotten my money’s worth out of it. (Someone tell me it will last me that long) I did at least get an educator’s discount & some Beats. Merry Christmas, Dad– you are getting some Beats.

So now that I have a new computer, I really have no excuse not to blog. I was definitely using that as a noble obstacle. By the way, if you haven’t read the book Finish by Jon Acuff, I highly recommend it. It is targeted toward perfectionists, but even if you don’t consider yourself one, I would still read it.

Weight loss wise, I am feeling great. I have committed to losing 10 pounds by December. As of last Friday, I have 8 left to lose. I will be honest with you, I definitely overate on Saturday. I ate what I had planned, but boy did I ignore my hunger signals. Other than that, I have had a really great week. I would rate myself 10/10 Sunday-yesterday. I am making myself super proud. Whether that shows up on the scale this week or not, I know that I am doing what it takes to lose weight. I had 2 pretty big losses in a row, so this week could be a week that I just maintain. Would I like to lose every week? Sure! However, that is not how weight loss works. The scale is just one way to measure how I am changing my life– not the only way.

I have a wonderful accountability group & we communicate on the app MarcoPolo. It is so fun! Do any of y’all use that??? Game changer.

One of my very best friends had a baby last Friday which is such a blessing. We have been waiting a long time to meet this little angel.


Auntie A + LC = BFFs. I can’t wait to watch this little girl grow up. She will probably be taller than me when she is 10 years old.

There is just a little update on my life. What would y’all like to know more about? What I am eating? Exercise? Let me know. I will take any ideas I can.

See y’all later!


“>Grab your copy of “Finish”


Just Do It

As a single person, I have never really had a reason to get professional photos taken. I had two sweet friends who were fundraising for a mission trip earlier this summer. One of their fundraisers was a mini session with their sister-in-love who is a photographer, so I took advantage of it. I have been working so hard, so I thought I would take advantage of it. And it was for a good cause!!

Anyway, they turned out great– of course I had my little boy in some shots, too.


I love them! Please check out the last photo with little ham— just giving the cutest smile. She posted that photo on her IG stories. It’s just too much. In true crazy dog mom style, I basically cried.

So THANK YOU Wild Root Photo for making all my dog mom dreams come true with these photos. I just want to encourage ANYONE, but especially my single friends to get out there & have some photos taken. Find an outfit you love, a photographer you love, & go for it.

Happy Tuesday!


Focus Friday

Woohoo! We made it to Friday again. BOOM! This has been such a great week. I really think having Monday off just helped my mindset so much.

As I’m thinking about the upcoming weekend, I want to take my momentum from the week & carry it right on into the weekend. I have followed my plan & when I wanted to go off plan, I just told myself “I am someone who follows their plan. No matter what.” The feelings I want to generate this weekend are feelings of pride; in sticking to my plans. I have been a champ at making plans for the past several months, but not so much at sticking to them. I have a jam packed weekend where I won’t be home a lot, so I definitely need to create realistic plans so I will follow them.

One thing that has really helped me this week is journaling. It’s something I really don’t like & want to avoid at all costs, but it’s where the hard work is done. I am committed to journaling every day for the month of September, whether it’s in my notebook or in voice note on my phone. At the end of every entry, I have been writing 10 things that went right that day. They are as simple as I drank all my water or I said no to Chick-Fil-A because it wasn’t on my plan. Those little acts of positivity really help get you in a much better headspace. Our minds naturally tend to focus on the negative & that is not any fun.

What plans do y’all have for this weekend? Let me know how I can support you in reaching your goals.



10×12 — what does it mean?

10 pounds by December 2018. I haven’t decided if it’s December 1 or December 31…

I’m thinking December 1. 10 pounds is a huge goal for me. I haven’t put a timeline on weight loss in a long time. Mainly because I didn’t want to be disappointed if I didn’t lose the weight in the time I’ve given myself. I am allll in on this, y’all!

How will I accomplish this goal?

  1. Sleep
  1. Water
  1. Making & following a food plan everyday
  1. Eating only when hungry & stopping at satisfied
  1. Log all food
  1. Exercise 3-4 times per week
  1. Not beat myself up when I mess up
  1. Journal every day

None of these steps are hard & most of them are things I’m already doing. I am super pumped to see my progress.

My big goal is obviously 10 pounds by 12/1.

My other BIG goal is meeting my actual goal weight by 5/25/2019. I think that’s the first time I’ve put that into words. So there it is… we are going on a big family vacation that day & I want to be at goal. That has really lit a fire under me. Hey, whatever works right?

What is a goal you can set? Let me know & I will be happy to support you!

Have the best day!


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Wellll, here we are! I was going to say “Monday, again” but it’s actually Tuesday. Woohoo! So thankful for the much needed day of rest yesterday. Why can’t Tennessee move to a 4-day school week?!

Anyway, let’s talk about my weekend. It was great! Saturday, I had to help with church setup & then I had friends over for the game. Y’all. Thank goodness for good friends because the game was not so good.

Did I stick to my plan is the real question, right? I DID!

I planned to overeat because social situations are an area that I am trying to gain better control over in regards to overeating. I am a million miles from where I was, but not where I want to be. Yet. Physically, I felt pretty bloated & just blah afterwards. I don’t like feeling like that & I am going to lean on that memory each time I want to overeat junk in the future. Will it happen again? I am sure, but I am headed in the right direction with the new habits I’m forming.

Saturday was also my precious boy’s second birthday 😊😊😊

Can you even?! He is too much. He also enjoyed a doggy cake that he shared with his doggy friends Fitz & Quincy.

As for my transformation Tuesday post,

I am so glad I never gave up on myself. If you are struggling today, don’t give up! You are worth it. You deserve every bit of fullness life has to offer! This journey has been slow & definitely not linear, but imagine if I had quit. NO WAY!

Reach out if you want to know how I changed my life & stopped counting calories/points/macros. I’d love to get you plugged in.

Have the best day!


Focus Friday

Friday is a weigh-in day for a lot of people, myself included. However, I want to focus less on the number on the scale & more on the other things in my life that can contribute to a better life.

This Friday, I want to focus on the feelings I want to generate this weekend. What feelings do I want to generate this weekend? I want to feel proud. How will I generate that feeling? I will make realistic plans. I will also follow through with those plans. The follow through is what will generate the feeling of pride. I want to be someone who follows through with her plans no matter what. No matter what. I didn’t gain weight or stay overweight because I stuck to my plans. I have had enough spontaneous eating.

It is a big weekend here in Knoxville: THE FIRST WEEKEND OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL! My beloved Vols play tomorrow in Charlotte. I am having friends over to watch the game. We had a ton of food leftover from a shower we hosted earlier in the week, so that takes care of that part. Social situations (even in my own house) are times when I tend to overeat. It is a pattern that I recognize & am making a very conscious effort to change.

How will I do that tomorrow so that I can feel proud?

  1. I will have a healthy meal in the late morning. The game is at 330, so I will not starve myself all day.
  2. I will only eat when I am hungry. Not just because the food is there.
  3. Everything I eat will be on a plate. No mindless picking.
  4. I will drink my gallon of water. Enough said.

Sticking to these 4 things during the game will definitely help generate feelings of pride around my food. It will also be really easy to stick to these! At least that is what I’m telling myself. Spending some time today making a plan for tomorrow will make it a lot easier & I won’t have to fly by the seat of my pants — which usually doesn’t end well for me.

Here’s a little face to face Friday action for y’all! We are going in the right direction & next year’s photo will be on.another.level.

Have a great weekend, y’all! What feelings do you want to generate?

Stay golden!


Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday! Since I am off in the summer, it’s kind of like one long weekend. Last Friday, Neely & I packed up & headed to my parents for a few days. It’s only about a 3 1/2 hour drive, so not too bad. I’ve done it so much in the last almost 12 years that my car should be able to drive itself. How I wish! Friday night, I got a wild hair & decided I wanted to grill some salmon + veggies for dinner. I’d never grilled salmon before, but I thought it turned out really well.Saturday, I went to a state park just up the road for a hike. I’ve been there a few times before, but never taken this particular trail. I was pleasantly surprised with how fun & pretty it was! We hiked for about 2 hours & then enjoyed a delicious fajita lunch. So fun — except about 5 minutes into the hike, Neely didn’t want to go near the first creek bed & he backed out of his harness & TOOK OFF. I called him & somehow summoned an Elastigirl arm to grab him by the collar as he was sprinting past me. 😅 needless to say, his harness got tightened up after that. Sunday, I went to church with my family. My aunt & I also went to see my grandmother since I wasn’t here for her birthday (July 4). She turned 92 & she’s still doing really really well physically! I was gone from 8a-9p which made for a long day, but so worth it. I also took zero photos. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Hope you all are well! Tell me about your weekend! Talk soon! Abby

I did it!

In May, I finally joined the PNP Tribe. I have been following Corinne & her coaches since October, but I never felt the need to join. Until May. She had an opening in May & something was just pulling at me to join. So I did. I’ve been a tribe member for about 1.5 months now & it’s been amazing. Ups & downs for sure, but I’m learning so much.

After getting a new form of birth control in May, my body has decided to hang on to every ounce of weight & release none. I’m not going to lie- that has been so frustrating. I finally join the tribe & put in the work yet I’m seeing no results. Womp womp. I also know myself & I know that I will use this an excuse to just eat all the things & start the cycle over again. Although I’m not losing, I am maintaining the same 2lb weight range. That’s what I need to focus on. One day, my body will finally let go of some weight. Until then, I will keep putting in the work.

Have I been 100% on plan since I joined? For sure no. The great thing is, I have wonderful accountability partners & many resources to help me get right back on plan. That’s been the best part of having this community.

Alright y’all, it is America’s birthday. I’ve got my very realistic plan in place & am ready to execute it. Have a great one & I will see y’all soon. I PROMISE! Abby