Weekly Weigh-In

I am going to start posting my weekly weigh-ins here! Once I am at goal, I will plan on doing a monthly update. I actually do weigh myself every morning. I have conditioned myself to look at the scale as a tool. It’s just data. It does not mean anything about me. I don’t let it control my emotions. I weigh mostly to see my trends. The app I use to track this is called Happy Scale.

Friday 3/30/18: 174.4

Friday 4/6/18: 173.3

Difference: -1.1 pounds

I stuck to my fasting this week & had lower carb meals. Carbs hang on to water, so by reducing carbs I reduced how much water my body was holding onto- this may be the reason for a bigger loss this week. My last two weeks have been -0.6 & -0.7 losses, respectively. Either way, I am moving in the right direction.

I am going to start a mini Whole30 reset on Sunday. I am committing to 9 days. I love the Whole30 program & attribute it to a lot of my success in overcoming emotional eating. I just don’t need 30 days right now. I am going to continue my fasts and lower carb meals while on this mini Whole30. So, we will see how that effects me over the next couple of weeks.

Do you weigh in every week? If you need some tips on how to master the scale, I would love to help you! Leave me a comment, email me, or find me over on Facebook or Instagram at @abalancedblonde.

Stay golden!


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