Tuesday Eats

In keeping with my April goals, I thought I’d do a quick post on what I’m eating. One of those goals was to have a lower carb breakfast & lunch, so here’s what we’ve got for today—

Lunch is leftover Whole30 compliant Hibachi Chicken from Alex at The Defined Dish — the sauce is everything, y’all!

I drink a ton of water + cold brew coffee with collagen peptides. I also had 2 cans of sparkling water for a little something different just to break up the day. I just tried my first can of bubly sparkling water. What is your favorite brand? I’m really loving the Kroger brand- blackberry citrus flavor.

This was my dinner: a chocolate sea salt RX bar with compliant nut butter. Is it a perfect meal that fits the Whole30 template? Sure isn’t, but it’s still compliant. Let good enough be good enough! I also had some gingerberry kombucha. Have you tried kombucha? I love it!

So there ya go! A day of meals for me – easy peasy. I’d love to hear what you’re eating! Tomorrow is a fasting day for me, so I won’t eat until dinner. Lots of water, some coffee, & a little booch to get me through.

Stay golden!


2 Comments on “Tuesday Eats

  1. It all looks delicious, I love hard boiled eggs. I love quick and easy meals for breakfast. I am a coffee drinker and it actually curves my appetite but lately it’s causimg heartburn, I would hate to give it up. I have decided to switch to tea and check to see if it really is the coffee causing problems.


    • I am trying really hard to like HBE! I like them most ways, but I have texture issues with the hard-boiled for some reason. Good plan on the coffee!


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