Recovering From Overeating

What happens when you overeat? You are trying so hard to stop at satisfied & then all of a sudden, you’ve overeaten 😳 it happens. In fact, it’s going to happen. It will probably happen more than you want it to because learning your body’s hunger signals takes some practice.

So what do you do next? Don’t panic. Don’t beat yourself up. Definitely don’t make this mean anything about you as a person! You are worthy & you are enough even if you feel like you are struggling. You are probably used to thinking, “here we go again, I’m a failure. I just can’t do anything right.” Quit listening to yourself & start talking to yourself – come up with a positive affirmation to combat those negative thoughts. This is my personal favorite & I have it as the background on my phone!

So you overate? Ok. Let’s assess why. Was it due to an emotion? Were you eating to make yourself feel better? To numb out? Because it was there & it looked good? Or were you simply eating distracted & ate too much because you weren’t actually aware?

If it was the latter, I challenge you to eat without distractions. I know this isn’t always possible during many seasons of life, but put up your phone & get away from the tv or computer to eat. Have you ever actually timed yourself eating? It may take you 10 minutes & then you are back doing whatever you need to do.

If your overeat is caused by an emotional response, let’s do some work around why that is. Grab a sheet of paper or use the notes app on your phone & just start writing about why you overate. What prompted it? Is overeating really solving the problem that caused you to eat?

I hear allllll the time “well, *insert emotional experience here* so today is just out the window for being on track” like how does that make any sense??? If you truly want freedom from food, you’ve got to address your emotional eats & reliance on food. It is very sad that your grandparent died or sibling got in a car accident, but how is overeating or breaking your food plan helping them? Spoiler Alert: IT’S NOT.

Stop being a victim to your circumstances. Even if you have control over nothing else, you have control over what & how much you put in your mouth. I can’t think of one time (other than being an infant) when someone shoved food into my mouth & forced me to eat it. I am overweight because of my choices. Period.

Overeating is going to happen. Don’t let it be anything other than an opportunity to learn & move foreword in your journey. But- don’t let it become a habit again. That’s why we are overweight because we are overeating, plain & simple. Do you need help or support in this area? Come check out my private & totally free group over on Facebook! I promise no one is trying to sell you anything. Stay golden! Abby

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