My Food Journal

I’m going to share my food journal with y’all! After using many different things, I have settled on this way to track my food. I can say that I have faithfully tracked every single thing I’ve eaten all year! What is the point of not writing something down? Your body & mind knows you ate it, so you might as well be honest with yourself. Tracking takes me maybe 5 minutes a day.

First of all, I make my food plan on the notes app on my phone or I write it in pencil in my food journal. After I eat, I write it down in my planner.

The words that are highlighted represent an overeat or eating off plan or both.

I wanted to show this to y’all, so you know I am not perfect. Some weeks are better than others! This is a monthly view – I write all events on this page. I use smiley stickers to represent how my day went. I’ve also been writing what happened if I don’t give myself a smile that day. Pretty simple, right? Let me know if I can help you with this.

The planner I use is a medium-sized Recollections planner. I got it at Michael’s. The Happy Planner Classic sized is very similar, as well as, the Erin Condren planner.

Do you need some accountability with your food journal? I’d love to help! Contact me with any questions you have. Join my group over on Facebook! It’s private & free. No one is trying to sell ya a thing! Hope to see ya there. Stay golden! Abby

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