Hunger isn’t an Emergency

I think we’ve been so conditioned to freak out whenever we even feel a slight tinge of hunger. Have you ever thought about why that is? Most of us have enough “extra” on our body that we can afford to get a little hungry sometimes. When you think back to your ancestors, do you think they had 3 hot meals & 2 snacks per day? Probably not. Also weren’t most of them within a healthy weight range? Probably. The food industry was nothing like it is today.

One reason I think we treat hunger as an emergency is because the food industry is trying to sell more food. So, if we are hungry that is bad. We can’t be hungry! How do we fix hunger? Buy more food. I am not saying you need to go hungry, BUT a little hunger isn’t gonna kill ya.

I make a choice to fast for 24 hours 3-4 times per week. So I know from experience that hunger really isn’t an emergency. I am letting my body dine-in on itself, so to speak. What’s the best thing you can eat to lose weight? Hmm, let your body use that fat it has stored up & that will cause you to lose weight.

When we realize that hunger isn’t an emergency, you won’t worry so much about food. It’s going to take the pressure off of possibly missing a meal or forgetting to pack all your snacks for the day. I’ve basically cut out all snacking. I wasn’t snacking because I was actually hungry, but because it was something to do. It gave me something to do on my way home from work or when I was watching tv. How many of us are guilty of that? Try going a few days without your snacks & see how your body reacts! I promise you won’t die or get pregnant if you are a little hungry.

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of trying to lose weight or just need some accountability in the process? Join me over on Facebook! It’s a totally private & free group where we can share our struggles & learn from each other.

Stay golden!


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