Small Changes

“I have so much weight to lose. I don’t even know where to get started.” I hear this all the time from people! It is very daunting to think about losing 50, 100, 150+ pounds. It seems like you’ll never get there, so you just don’t get started & the cycle starts over again. Am I right?

First of all, let’s not worry about how far you have to go. Let’s think about today. What change can you make today to get you to your goals? The #1 change you can make is to track your food! Commit for 10 days to write down every single thing you eat. Every thing – good, bad, or ugly make sure that is tracked. Write down your overeats, your emotional eats, & those times you eat off plan.

Having everything written down will help you see how you can improve your diet. You will be able to level up your food game once you know what & why you are eating. Before we start to change what we are eating, I want you to be very comfortable with writing everything down. Make that a habit you will stick with before introducing anything new.

The next small change I would make is: WATER! Commit to drinking a minimum of 64oz/day. If you normally drink cokes or other sweetened beverages, have a small glass of water before you drink that. Your urine should be a pale yellow. I promise you will notice a big difference once you are properly hydrated. My tips for drinking water are: get a fun water bottle/glass & use a straw if you can. I like Camelbak or Contigo sport bottles- another are the hydro flask bottles with the sport tops. I’m trying to get away from drinking out of plastic bottles, so the hydro flask bottle has been a lifesaver. Mine is 40oz & I love it!

I challenge you to commit to these 2 things for the next 10 days. Let me know if you are up for it. Hit me up over @abalancedblonde on Facebook or Instagram or shoot me an email I would love to help you out!

Stay golden!


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