Transformation Tuesday

The first photo is Easter 2016 & the second is Easter 2018! I’m so thankful & proud that I took control of my health. The journey has been full of ups & downs – definitely not linear, but here we are… heading in the right direction!

This one šŸ˜³ pretty scary to share! The first photo was March 2015- right before my very first round of the Whole30 program. The left was just a couple weekends ago. I walked past the mirror that morning & thought ‘who is this?’ I definitely do not see my body like that.

What changed between these photos? SO MUCH! The main thing is the mental game- I am working hard on mastering my thoughts. I have always been very mentally tough except when it came to food. I let it control me. Not anymore.

I would love to help you if you are wondering where to start! Email me or hit me up on Instagram or Facebook (@abalancedblonde).

Stay golden!


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