Weigh-In Friday

Alright, y’all! Happy Friday! I told myself I was going to share all parts of my journey- good, bad, & ugly. This week isn’t pretty…

4/20/18: 167.5

4/27/18: 170.6

Not quite going in the right direction this week… I didn’t make my 24 hour plans & I chose (because remember, everything is a choice) to overeat.

Do I really think I gained 3.1 pounds in a week? No. I think a lot of it is water retention, honestly. I are mainly carb heavy meals this week which I haven’t been doing. I went to a banquet last night – I had chicken with broccoli & potatoes + chocolate cheesecake. I also had pizza on Wednesday night & donuts on Tuesday. But, that’s life. Days & weeks like that happen, but they can’t be the norm.

Since I’m being super honest (which I try to be all the time), I almost went to McDonald’s for breakfast this morning. I was driving to work & my stomach was grumbling. I thought ‘one meal won’t hurt, I’ll get back on plan after this meal.’ Thankfully, I work pretty far out & there aren’t very many places to grab breakfast which meant McDonald’s was packed. I would have been so late for work had I stayed in that line. Then I thought, ‘I’ll have one of the kids get me a school breakfast.’ I didn’t do that either. Instead, I made my coffee with collagen + a splash of NutPods. I still feel some hunger, but nothing I can’t handle.

Bringing the truth on Friday! I have a wedding tomorrow night & I have no idea what is on the menu. I do plan to have cake & hopefully some champagne.

I hope y’all stayed on track better than I did this week. I’ve only got 4 weeks of school left (YAY!). I am going to meal prep on Sunday to set myself up for success.

Stay golden!


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