Getting Back on Track

Have you ever fallen off the wagon before? Shoot, I know I have. More times than I can count probably. I’m sitting here at my desk this Monday morning feeling heavy & very uncomfortable. After a week of indulging, I wouldn’t expect any less. I’m actually thankful for this feeling. It’s the biggest motivator for me to get myself back on plan. I don’t want to feel like crap anymore.

Sure, I had a week of not planning & eating what I wanted or what I had on hand & that showed up on the scale. So how do you get back on track? First of all, don’t fall into the shame spiral. Just because I had a week that wasn’t ideal, means nothing about me as a person. The past is the past. It happened & I am moving on. Focusing on the off-plan eating from last week isn’t going to get me anywhere except down a hole I don’t need to be.

Take it 24 hours at a time! Last night, I planned what I was going to eat today. I have been consistently fasting for almost 2 months now & I love the way I feel + the results I get. My dinner tonight is going to be some slow-cooked chicken with Banza pasta & some pesto. I may add an egg to it- I don’t know why, but that just sounds good for some reason. I’m also going to have some coffee with collagen + Kombucha (really hoping that will help my upset stomach). And of course, LOTS of water.

Tonight, I’ll make a plan for tomorrow. I’m just going to take it one day at a time & one meal at a time to get myself back on plan. This week, I will choose to plan and to follow through with my plan. Boom.

What are your go-tos for getting back on the wagon? I’d love to hear!

Stay golden!


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