I did it!

In May, I finally joined the PNP Tribe. I have been following Corinne & her coaches since October, but I never felt the need to join. Until May. She had an opening in May & something was just pulling at me to join. So I did. I’ve been a tribe member for about 1.5 months now & it’s been amazing. Ups & downs for sure, but I’m learning so much.

After getting a new form of birth control in May, my body has decided to hang on to every ounce of weight & release none. I’m not going to lie- that has been so frustrating. I finally join the tribe & put in the work yet I’m seeing no results. Womp womp. I also know myself & I know that I will use this an excuse to just eat all the things & start the cycle over again. Although I’m not losing, I am maintaining the same 2lb weight range. That’s what I need to focus on. One day, my body will finally let go of some weight. Until then, I will keep putting in the work.

Have I been 100% on plan since I joined? For sure no. The great thing is, I have wonderful accountability partners & many resources to help me get right back on plan. That’s been the best part of having this community.

Alright y’all, it is America’s birthday. I’ve got my very realistic plan in place & am ready to execute it. Have a great one & I will see y’all soon. I PROMISE! Abby

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