Focus Friday

Friday is a weigh-in day for a lot of people, myself included. However, I want to focus less on the number on the scale & more on the other things in my life that can contribute to a better life.

This Friday, I want to focus on the feelings I want to generate this weekend. What feelings do I want to generate this weekend? I want to feel proud. How will I generate that feeling? I will make realistic plans. I will also follow through with those plans. The follow through is what will generate the feeling of pride. I want to be someone who follows through with her plans no matter what. No matter what. I didn’t gain weight or stay overweight because I stuck to my plans. I have had enough spontaneous eating.

It is a big weekend here in Knoxville: THE FIRST WEEKEND OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL! My beloved Vols play tomorrow in Charlotte. I am having friends over to watch the game. We had a ton of food leftover from a shower we hosted earlier in the week, so that takes care of that part. Social situations (even in my own house) are times when I tend to overeat. It is a pattern that I recognize & am making a very conscious effort to change.

How will I do that tomorrow so that I can feel proud?

  1. I will have a healthy meal in the late morning. The game is at 330, so I will not starve myself all day.
  2. I will only eat when I am hungry. Not just because the food is there.
  3. Everything I eat will be on a plate. No mindless picking.
  4. I will drink my gallon of water. Enough said.

Sticking to these 4 things during the game will definitely help generate feelings of pride around my food. It will also be really easy to stick to these! At least that is what I’m telling myself. Spending some time today making a plan for tomorrow will make it a lot easier & I won’t have to fly by the seat of my pants — which usually doesn’t end well for me.

Here’s a little face to face Friday action for y’all! We are going in the right direction & next year’s photo will be on.another.level.

Have a great weekend, y’all! What feelings do you want to generate?

Stay golden!


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