Weekend Update + Transformation Tuesday

Wellll, here we are! I was going to say “Monday, again” but it’s actually Tuesday. Woohoo! So thankful for the much needed day of rest yesterday. Why can’t Tennessee move to a 4-day school week?!

Anyway, let’s talk about my weekend. It was great! Saturday, I had to help with church setup & then I had friends over for the game. Y’all. Thank goodness for good friends because the game was not so good.

Did I stick to my plan is the real question, right? I DID!

I planned to overeat because social situations are an area that I am trying to gain better control over in regards to overeating. I am a million miles from where I was, but not where I want to be. Yet. Physically, I felt pretty bloated & just blah afterwards. I don’t like feeling like that & I am going to lean on that memory each time I want to overeat junk in the future. Will it happen again? I am sure, but I am headed in the right direction with the new habits I’m forming.

Saturday was also my precious boy’s second birthday 😊😊😊

Can you even?! He is too much. He also enjoyed a doggy cake that he shared with his doggy friends Fitz & Quincy.

As for my transformation Tuesday post,

I am so glad I never gave up on myself. If you are struggling today, don’t give up! You are worth it. You deserve every bit of fullness life has to offer! This journey has been slow & definitely not linear, but imagine if I had quit. NO WAY!

Reach out if you want to know how I changed my life & stopped counting calories/points/macros. I’d love to get you plugged in.

Have the best day!


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