Focus Friday

Woohoo! We made it to Friday again. BOOM! This has been such a great week. I really think having Monday off just helped my mindset so much.

As I’m thinking about the upcoming weekend, I want to take my momentum from the week & carry it right on into the weekend. I have followed my plan & when I wanted to go off plan, I just told myself “I am someone who follows their plan. No matter what.” The feelings I want to generate this weekend are feelings of pride; in sticking to my plans. I have been a champ at making plans for the past several months, but not so much at sticking to them. I have a jam packed weekend where I won’t be home a lot, so I definitely need to create realistic plans so I will follow them.

One thing that has really helped me this week is journaling. It’s something I really don’t like & want to avoid at all costs, but it’s where the hard work is done. I am committed to journaling every day for the month of September, whether it’s in my notebook or in voice note on my phone. At the end of every entry, I have been writing 10 things that went right that day. They are as simple as I drank all my water or I said no to Chick-Fil-A because it wasn’t on my plan. Those little acts of positivity really help get you in a much better headspace. Our minds naturally tend to focus on the negative & that is not any fun.

What plans do y’all have for this weekend? Let me know how I can support you in reaching your goals.


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