Getting Back on Track

Have you ever fallen off the wagon before? Shoot, I know I have. More times than I can count probably. I’m sitting here at my desk this Monday morning feeling heavy & very uncomfortable. After a week of indulging, I wouldn’t expect any less. I’m actually thankful for this feeling. It’s the biggest motivator for me to get myself back on plan. I don’t want to feel like crap anymore.

Sure, I had a week of not planning & eating what I wanted or what I had on hand & that showed up on the scale. So how do you get back on track? First of all, don’t fall into the shame spiral. Just because I had a week that wasn’t ideal, means nothing about me as a person. The past is the past. It happened & I am moving on. Focusing on the off-plan eating from last week isn’t going to get me anywhere except down a hole I don’t need to be.

Take it 24 hours at a time! Last night, I planned what I was going to eat today. I have been consistently fasting for almost 2 months now & I love the way I feel + the results I get. My dinner tonight is going to be some slow-cooked chicken with Banza pasta & some pesto. I may add an egg to it- I don’t know why, but that just sounds good for some reason. I’m also going to have some coffee with collagen + Kombucha (really hoping that will help my upset stomach). And of course, LOTS of water.

Tonight, I’ll make a plan for tomorrow. I’m just going to take it one day at a time & one meal at a time to get myself back on plan. This week, I will choose to plan and to follow through with my plan. Boom.

What are your go-tos for getting back on the wagon? I’d love to hear!

Stay golden!


Weigh-In Friday

Alright, y’all! Happy Friday! I told myself I was going to share all parts of my journey- good, bad, & ugly. This week isn’t pretty…

4/20/18: 167.5

4/27/18: 170.6

Not quite going in the right direction this week… I didn’t make my 24 hour plans & I chose (because remember, everything is a choice) to overeat.

Do I really think I gained 3.1 pounds in a week? No. I think a lot of it is water retention, honestly. I are mainly carb heavy meals this week which I haven’t been doing. I went to a banquet last night – I had chicken with broccoli & potatoes + chocolate cheesecake. I also had pizza on Wednesday night & donuts on Tuesday. But, that’s life. Days & weeks like that happen, but they can’t be the norm.

Since I’m being super honest (which I try to be all the time), I almost went to McDonald’s for breakfast this morning. I was driving to work & my stomach was grumbling. I thought ‘one meal won’t hurt, I’ll get back on plan after this meal.’ Thankfully, I work pretty far out & there aren’t very many places to grab breakfast which meant McDonald’s was packed. I would have been so late for work had I stayed in that line. Then I thought, ‘I’ll have one of the kids get me a school breakfast.’ I didn’t do that either. Instead, I made my coffee with collagen + a splash of NutPods. I still feel some hunger, but nothing I can’t handle.

Bringing the truth on Friday! I have a wedding tomorrow night & I have no idea what is on the menu. I do plan to have cake & hopefully some champagne.

I hope y’all stayed on track better than I did this week. I’ve only got 4 weeks of school left (YAY!). I am going to meal prep on Sunday to set myself up for success.

Stay golden!


Transformation Tuesday

The first photo is Easter 2016 & the second is Easter 2018! I’m so thankful & proud that I took control of my health. The journey has been full of ups & downs – definitely not linear, but here we are… heading in the right direction!

This one 😳 pretty scary to share! The first photo was March 2015- right before my very first round of the Whole30 program. The left was just a couple weekends ago. I walked past the mirror that morning & thought ‘who is this?’ I definitely do not see my body like that.

What changed between these photos? SO MUCH! The main thing is the mental game- I am working hard on mastering my thoughts. I have always been very mentally tough except when it came to food. I let it control me. Not anymore.

I would love to help you if you are wondering where to start! Email me or hit me up on Instagram or Facebook (@abalancedblonde).

Stay golden!


Small Changes

“I have so much weight to lose. I don’t even know where to get started.” I hear this all the time from people! It is very daunting to think about losing 50, 100, 150+ pounds. It seems like you’ll never get there, so you just don’t get started & the cycle starts over again. Am I right?

First of all, let’s not worry about how far you have to go. Let’s think about today. What change can you make today to get you to your goals? The #1 change you can make is to track your food! Commit for 10 days to write down every single thing you eat. Every thing – good, bad, or ugly make sure that is tracked. Write down your overeats, your emotional eats, & those times you eat off plan.

Having everything written down will help you see how you can improve your diet. You will be able to level up your food game once you know what & why you are eating. Before we start to change what we are eating, I want you to be very comfortable with writing everything down. Make that a habit you will stick with before introducing anything new.

The next small change I would make is: WATER! Commit to drinking a minimum of 64oz/day. If you normally drink cokes or other sweetened beverages, have a small glass of water before you drink that. Your urine should be a pale yellow. I promise you will notice a big difference once you are properly hydrated. My tips for drinking water are: get a fun water bottle/glass & use a straw if you can. I like Camelbak or Contigo sport bottles- another are the hydro flask bottles with the sport tops. I’m trying to get away from drinking out of plastic bottles, so the hydro flask bottle has been a lifesaver. Mine is 40oz & I love it!

I challenge you to commit to these 2 things for the next 10 days. Let me know if you are up for it. Hit me up over @abalancedblonde on Facebook or Instagram or shoot me an email I would love to help you out!

Stay golden!


Weigh-In Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Another Friday means another weigh-in. I was actually a little unsure if I would lose this week. I had a really good week of sticking to my plan & not overeating. I just woke up feeling bloated & heavy. Anyone else feel that way sometimes? Much to my surprise, I was down AGAIN!

4/13/18: 169.7

4/20/18: 167.5

Like is this real life? Not only have I lost 5 weeks in a row, but 3 of them have been pretty big (for me) losses. Just goes to show you, hard work pays off. Consistency. Showing up every day for yourself.

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Stay golden!


I think we’ve been so conditioned to freak out whenever we even feel a slight tinge of hunger. Have you ever thought about why that is? Most of us have enough “extra” on our body that we can afford to get a little hungry sometimes. When you think back to your ancestors, do you think they had 3 hot meals & 2 snacks per day? Probably not. Also weren’t most of them within a healthy weight range? Probably. The food industry was nothing like it is today.

One reason I think we treat hunger as an emergency is because the food industry is trying to sell more food. So, if we are hungry that is bad. We can’t be hungry! How do we fix hunger? Buy more food. I am not saying you need to go hungry, BUT a little hunger isn’t gonna kill ya.

I make a choice to fast for 24 hours 3-4 times per week. So I know from experience that hunger really isn’t an emergency. I am letting my body dine-in on itself, so to speak. What’s the best thing you can eat to lose weight? Hmm, let your body use that fat it has stored up & that will cause you to lose weight.

When we realize that hunger isn’t an emergency, you won’t worry so much about food. It’s going to take the pressure off of possibly missing a meal or forgetting to pack all your snacks for the day. I’ve basically cut out all snacking. I wasn’t snacking because I was actually hungry, but because it was something to do. It gave me something to do on my way home from work or when I was watching tv. How many of us are guilty of that? Try going a few days without your snacks & see how your body reacts! I promise you won’t die or get pregnant if you are a little hungry.

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Stay golden!


My Food Journal

I’m going to share my food journal with y’all! After using many different things, I have settled on this way to track my food. I can say that I have faithfully tracked every single thing I’ve eaten all year! What is the point of not writing something down? Your body & mind knows you ate it, so you might as well be honest with yourself. Tracking takes me maybe 5 minutes a day.

First of all, I make my food plan on the notes app on my phone or I write it in pencil in my food journal. After I eat, I write it down in my planner.

The words that are highlighted represent an overeat or eating off plan or both.

I wanted to show this to y’all, so you know I am not perfect. Some weeks are better than others! This is a monthly view – I write all events on this page. I use smiley stickers to represent how my day went. I’ve also been writing what happened if I don’t give myself a smile that day. Pretty simple, right? Let me know if I can help you with this.

The planner I use is a medium-sized Recollections planner. I got it at Michael’s. The Happy Planner Classic sized is very similar, as well as, the Erin Condren planner.

Do you need some accountability with your food journal? I’d love to help! Contact me with any questions you have. Join my group over on Facebook! It’s private & free. No one is trying to sell ya a thing! Hope to see ya there. Stay golden! Abby

Weekly Weigh-In

Here we go again!

Friday 4/6/18: 173.3

Friday 4/13/18: 169.7

This is a huge loss for me. I haven’t lost this much in one week in months.

I started a mini Whole30 reset Sunday which left me feeling like trash all day Monday. It is crazy what sugar does to your body! I plan to continue my Whole30 reset probably through next Tuesday.

What were the keys to my success this week?

  • NO overeating
  • Making a food plan & following through
  • Water
  • Lower carb breakfasts & lunches

Carbs make your body hold onto water. By eating lower carbs this week, my body released that excess water. I am in no way keto, but one of my April goals was to lower my carbs during the first 2 meals of the day!

How did your week go? Join me over in my Facebook group & let’s chat about it. Join me!

Stay golden!


Recovering From Overeating

What happens when you overeat? You are trying so hard to stop at satisfied & then all of a sudden, you’ve overeaten 😳 it happens. In fact, it’s going to happen. It will probably happen more than you want it to because learning your body’s hunger signals takes some practice.

So what do you do next? Don’t panic. Don’t beat yourself up. Definitely don’t make this mean anything about you as a person! You are worthy & you are enough even if you feel like you are struggling. You are probably used to thinking, “here we go again, I’m a failure. I just can’t do anything right.” Quit listening to yourself & start talking to yourself – come up with a positive affirmation to combat those negative thoughts. This is my personal favorite & I have it as the background on my phone!

So you overate? Ok. Let’s assess why. Was it due to an emotion? Were you eating to make yourself feel better? To numb out? Because it was there & it looked good? Or were you simply eating distracted & ate too much because you weren’t actually aware?

If it was the latter, I challenge you to eat without distractions. I know this isn’t always possible during many seasons of life, but put up your phone & get away from the tv or computer to eat. Have you ever actually timed yourself eating? It may take you 10 minutes & then you are back doing whatever you need to do.

If your overeat is caused by an emotional response, let’s do some work around why that is. Grab a sheet of paper or use the notes app on your phone & just start writing about why you overate. What prompted it? Is overeating really solving the problem that caused you to eat?

I hear allllll the time “well, *insert emotional experience here* so today is just out the window for being on track” like how does that make any sense??? If you truly want freedom from food, you’ve got to address your emotional eats & reliance on food. It is very sad that your grandparent died or sibling got in a car accident, but how is overeating or breaking your food plan helping them? Spoiler Alert: IT’S NOT.

Stop being a victim to your circumstances. Even if you have control over nothing else, you have control over what & how much you put in your mouth. I can’t think of one time (other than being an infant) when someone shoved food into my mouth & forced me to eat it. I am overweight because of my choices. Period.

Overeating is going to happen. Don’t let it be anything other than an opportunity to learn & move foreword in your journey. But- don’t let it become a habit again. That’s why we are overweight because we are overeating, plain & simple. Do you need help or support in this area? Come check out my private & totally free group over on Facebook! I promise no one is trying to sell you anything. Stay golden! Abby

Making a Food Plan

Yesterday, I said that a key to losing weight is to make a food plan. I wanted to elaborate on what exactly that looks like. Literally, all you need to do is grab a sheet of paper or your phone & write out what you plan to eat for B/L/D + any snacks or alcoholic beverages you plan to drink. Make your plan very simple & very realistic. The key to sticking to your plan is to make it realistic. If you normally eat out 2-3 meals every day, write that down. There is no right or wrong thing to plan, the important thing is committing to your plan once you make it.


How do I plan if I don’t know what is going to be available? Inevitably, there will be times when you won’t be able to actually plan what food you are going to eat. Whether you are at a work event, shower, party, etc- so what do you do? Well, #1 plan to eat only when you are physically hungry & stop at satisfied. That cuts out a lot of the drama right there. #2- make the best choice possible- if there is nothing that you want to eat or that aligns with your goals, you can always skip the meal. I promise no one will look at you weird or think anything about it (if they do, that’s on them & means nothing about you). I promise you will not starve from missing one meal, especially if there is nothing there that you actually want to eat.


Making a plan is all well & good, but the key is actually sticking to it. That is why it’s so important to make a realistic plan. If you don’t normally eat super “healthy” (it’s all relative, what is healthy is different for everyone at different stages during their journey), don’t plan a bunch of meals of kale & sweet potatoes & wonder why you can’t stick to your plan. You will break your plan at some point. Don’t. freak. out. Use that time to assess why you didn’t stick to plan today.

What if someone brings in donuts to the office or a coworker asks you out for drinks after work? If it’s not on your plan, there isn’t a negotiation. You don’t eat the donuts. You don’t have the drinks. You can still go out with your coworkers, but have some club soda & lime. Will it feel good to pass on those delicious donuts? In the moment, probably not- but when you are assessing your day, it will. You will be so proud of yourself for sticking to the plan.


Do you need some help making a plan or figuring out why you aren’t sticking to the plan you’ve made? I would love to help you! I have a totally private & free (seriously, no one is selling a thing) group on Facebook that I would love for you to join! All I ask is that you invite your friends & family if you like it. Email me or contact me here or on Facebook or Instagram (@abalancedblonde) & I am happy to chat with you!

Stay golden!